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Update by user Feb 18, 2012

I would delete this report if I could.If appears to have been an honest mistake, and they have bent over backwards to try and compensate me for my trouble.

I entered the wrong number on mistake (computer auto-fill), and though I called the next day to clarify it was a legitimate order, it had already been flagged as fraudulent and not sent.I appreciate the CEO\'s humility over the matter.

Original review posted by user Jan 18, 2012

Ordered $850 worth of lobster for New Years Eve.Paid over $100 on shipping alone.

Was supposed to arrive on December 31, but it never arrived. Tried frantically to contact company, but no one was in the office. Tried finding a viable email address to contact regarding this huge issue, and could not find one. Emailed CEO, Joe Bowab, expressing serious concern over my undelivered order.

Citing that I had a large party of freinds expecting lobster, and I was really stressed out about it. Finally went to local grocery store and purchased lobster tails. It's been over three weeks, and still have not had the courtacy of a reply or apology. Warned Mr.

Bowab that I would be reporting this horrible customer service if he did not have the decency to at least provide an explainantion. Never heard back. Do not trust with lobster/seafood orders! It's clear to me that they do not care about the customer, and it shows.

I am very disappointed in the horrible level of customer service received by this company.Order at your own risk!

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As if anyone really thinks "Joe Smith" isn't associated with the offending company :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin

Company shills are ridiculous, and easy to pick up on.


You were frantically calling a corporate office on New Year's Eve for your missing lobster?Did you really think anyone would answer?

You sound so dumb you probably gave them the wrong address.:grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin


Hello-- customer did not provide a valid phone # to verify the order.It was a large order.

We marked it as fraudulent-- while in fact it was a real customer- our fault.we are working to make it up to the customer

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